The Passenger Transportation Board regulates taxi fares.

$6.65 + $2.00/km + GST for up to 4 passengers. All taxes included in fare. Additional passengers are charged $5.00 each.


Some approximate fares:

Trip Approx. Rate
Ferry to Driftwood Centre $17.50
Ferry to Port Browning $18.25
Ferry to Poets Cove $41.75
Port Browning to Golf Course $17.75
Port Browning to Ferry $18.25
Poets to Driftwood Centre $31.25
Poets Cove to Port Browning $31.25
Poets Cove to Farmer's Market $34.75
Poets Cove to Winery $38.00
Poets Cove to Golf Course $40.75
Poets Cove to Ferry $41.75
Poets Cove to Port Washington $44.00
Woods to Port Browning $10.25
Woods to Driftwood Centre $10.25
Woods to Ferry $20.75


Please contact us for your custom transportation plan and quote.
Our 11 and 14 passenger van charter rate is $85 per hour. Plus applicable taxes. Prices do not include gratuity.